File Away Carolina Dreams

To the archive with important notes

Never seen or whispered from the throat

Concealed like punishment under the coat

Distance die trying intense jump past the moat

How can you know me when I stash relevant quotes

Humanity stay trying to drown those with boats

Why is he negative why is murder he wrote

Hope underneath the surface no properties allowing float

Yesterday was a little preview

Today is the day I finally I see you

Shooting well formed arguments laser pow pew

Zooming in the area appearance past due

Elementary  simple to digest

Radio play for repetition that’s progress

Threats of violence earn platinum awards I guess

Silly when you see it written

Looks innocent enough sweet kittens

Charlie Day commercials between kitten mittens

Days so serious

Others delirious

Nights so curious

Masturbation while partners ignore making lovers furious

Trash can garbage posts no pinky toasts

Put your feelings online public excuse for a roast

Mirror mirror on the wall who has constant posts

Every time he says won’t he doubles down

Looking sad underpaid makeup running from the face clown

Select messages saying posts really speak

Yet can’t get you anywhere words are cheap

Poverty before and after bed

While somewhere in the city green not red

One important interaction

Money appears so I can start stacking

Out of all my meetings can I have this happen

I’ll earn it no need for gift wrapping

You mean to tell me in my Carolina states

What I hope to accomplish is dead weight

Wait language arts and counseling isn’t great

Then apologies my mistake


I’ll relocate to a place of discovery

Look in me tired burning in the bush shrubbery

Watered down and rubbery

A hand up not one out unequal to lunacy

Of course I know earning it is best

I’ve amazed folks but then they changed answers on the test

Grouped batch selected deleted I’ve stressed

To the archive with important notes yall can have the rest

Stomping out fires placed meant to keep in city limits

State line here I come bastards deal with it

Education is not popular can’t have a population witty

You won’t be able to see me with binoculars pity

Therefore stay seated

Many of us dream of arts in regards of being undefeated

My grammar and spelling weak much studying still needed




Somebody could be copying you work

Yeah I know it people it hurts

How will I reach my people seeking this voice

Locking communication up riding on a high horse

Kissing poetry before removing her ring

Saying I love you thank you for everything

But we cannot be together

Heavy clouds and flash flooding on that occasion

Meanwhile I stay in Carolina waiting weighing

Risk and rewards lyrics riffs alongside suicide

Guns and more guns trying to earn funds

No safety net for me none for you

I’m alive but hate when I awake it’s nothing new

People feel the same way living quietly around through town

One more missed payment gunshots heard bloody crowns

Options are escaping blame is given instead of helpful statements

Don’t hate the people reaching out for help

Be worried of those who hold it in until explosions are all left

Never seen or whispered from the throat

Concealed like punishment under the coat

Concealed like punishment under the coat

Then bam

People asking how it could happen well damn

Humanity doesn’t care or even listen death is always preferred before prison

Bottom line to some is now I’m in your life acknowledged I won

Whatever label you choose to describe it with

You know them now after decision to quit

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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