Downpour Days Radar

Without a path away from mental clutter, darkened skies reign

Impressed and shocked in moments loneliness is revealed, assigning importance is work

Wish to stay where I am but I know this cycle isn’t any good, unknowns haunt uncertain footsteps away

Maybe a few cold glasses of water and a blunt in solitude will aid navigation, or maybe they’ll just fool me for a while

Can’t talk my best friend because I’m not completely certain if I am by choice or default, convenience

Walking, talking, question mark these days

Oh these downpour days.


It’s not like I want to walk into the nearest ocean, I’m just tied in knots feeling without purpose

Tired of retail jobs where being abused is fine, customer is alright fuck my state of mind

Commanded to walk with broken knees brittle toes, in pointless circles

Swear I’m unproductive daydreaming of a trigger based release, forfeit instead of suffering in increasingly dark evenings

So maybe a bowl or two before my journey, holy people gone for a month plus week to find internal strength afterwards banishing all weak

Walking, talking, question mark these days

Oh these downpour days.

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