Bankruptcy Preceding

Don’t look back

This is just a momentary itch

You’ll forget where we’ve been once you’re gone

Thank you

Making it easy to turn my back

Thank you

For showing how easy it is to let go of eager hands

Maybe I’m done with you too.

Fun times but now I have business elsewhere

While you’ve been gone I’ve been bleeding

Getting worse my body is breaking down

Now you won’t have to see it at all

God I wish you decided to be my only light

Instead you’re searching for something else

Better give my love to someone worthy

Gotta stop giving it to you because it’s obvious you’ll never stay.

If I’m stuck in Hell

Gonna need more than a passing breeze to escape

Before I die

Would be nice to find someone on the same page as my hopes

Don’t look back

Probably wasn’t anyway

Maybe I’m done with you too

But you beat me to lukewarm city

But yeah I’m done with you too.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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