That Favorite Place You Never Forget

Comfortable with me

Underwear in the living room

Bra off so relaxed

Proof we care adding up

Has it been years already

Kisses while eyes open

Your curves my curves

Feeling body feeling mind

Holding you in bed one of the greatest feelings

Grin says everything I need to know

Here we go again feelings displayed,

She’s born to be a keeper

Few flaws highly trustworthy

A keeper.


Doubling up on every hug

Nerdy goofy women can romance firm stance

Picnic at the house if we’re broke

Under a tree with trees lovemaking via poetry

Darkness can’t stand inside your love

When are we going to dance again

Baby this could be a good way to die

Even more special a reason to stay alive

Oral sex to make it real

Comfortable with you

Telling what I really think

Almost so connected four hands in the same sink

Peace adding up

Unity added

A keeper

My honor to be yours

This is what I’ve been searching for.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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