Dismay Package

Ears busy mind dizzy anger and frustration calling in sinister calm whispers focus lost it’s getting worse

Until end I pretend driving off roads back again destination never fully discussed perhaps all efforts a blackjack bust over

Improvising among shriveling energy what’s clear uncleanly I’m empty pulling light trigger hatred displayed or display of dismay

Dismay wrapped in learned effortlessness self rejecting usually on edges of day to day cliffs hear sad tone riffs lyrics sometimes fade

Stunted far beyond detection intersections littered with have you seen purpose flyers thrown away uninspired thrusts fucked in this world

Container of ash unsatisfactory dust.


Unfinished basement without lights I see no way out caged in distorted thinking logically able to maneuver still wounded

Days and days thinking if I can just hide in a corner I’ll be fine for now swallow down this madness stomach bitter flashy days night glitter still without direction

Unable to perform simplest tasks as gods and devils laugh easy prey I feel them say viewing all inconsistencies exposed can’t even stand myself legs damaged

Who told me suicide is the answer I believed receive spam email everyday get it over with it and no more crying behind shower curtains

No more crying on the way to work being nice to abusers and rude ass co-workers as least I have a job right so dissatisfaction should be spoken die upright well alright

Pills can’t help my filthy mind where can I find deliverance inspirational blood replace my tainted taunted life.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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