Snow Kisses Of Passing

Perishing in snow

Covered in insignificance

As a coat


No contact

Unknown whereabouts

Laying face flat


Last thought stream

Perfect metaphoric ending

Cold and dying


I exclaim her name then realize we aren’t serious

Ice made me double damned silly delirious

She blew snow in my mind while whispering how I shouldn’t have wasted my time on her.

Broken wrists

Can’t write help

Tired neck

Can’t hold up this mess


Worn mind

Without true love

Angels above won’t hug

Humans below don’t know me


Wrapped in holes

Bleeding into light

So frozen I felt warm in her


Took dying to see

Only the deep dark earth wants to receive

All I have to offer it received


Snow packed in eyes

Scorching frozen lies

And yet her voice speaks

Die twice for being weak

Car engine unaware

I’m no longer there

In a field double bare

Snow in chest.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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