Outer Darkness Gnashing

A bench of wooden spikes clenching failure in position close to where we wanted to go.

Missed requirements, locked outside in hugging cactus town, burning away all the way to ashes forever echoing.

Confirmation, effective endeavors, and attention were lost to the illusion’s market, pointless, without return.

Limbs aren’t burning but sight of victory dead, piss outside of its container unclean, puddle of mess off-screen.

Almost home isn’t sufficient, heads will shake, probably roll, denial the only grip thrown away rejects can wield, paper daggers, no threat.

Heard the call but wasn’t chosen, fertilizer for better flowers and tears as rain nourishes growth.

Burning would keep one occupied but no, hear cheers and praise less than a mile away from a new position, dupe example, did it to self.

Gnashing teeth in outer darkness, no one knows me, howling, growling, wasted effort.

Failure in life and death, nothing else to come, without a righteous race to run procedure on a soul feeling everything chest never numb.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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