Summer Bummer Note

Next summer you’ll be ready

But who said, I’ll be

I’ll be around?

Not me

See lately I’ve

Been looking away.

You’ve shown real love isn’t in your blood

Next year

Maybe, you’ll come around.


Good luck

Waiting for the world to wait.

Oh you’re not asking the world just me.

How expletive gracious of thee.

I spit in each eye

How dare you make me suffer

It’s not allowed anymore.


I’ll pray to be far removed from here

Our future unclear.

Was it money

Comfort sought

While I die on the front lines

You want be home

Go ahead

Just not mine.

May your dice be fair

Been gambling like a demon out here

And I can’t risk my heart thrice.

Have a cool summer

Written in your adult yearbook with a smiley face

Hope we stay friends




What are you thinking about after reading this?

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