Shouldn’t expect anything, what a lie

I expect the same you do, faithfulness

Affection, respect

We’ve been mistreated, contacts deleted

Lovers swearing completion left faith incompleted

Hope in a significant partner diminished until you showed up, doubting finished

What do I expect?

Same as you.

Same as you.

Mary J real love

God kissing our foreheads love

Enlightened from above despite downpours

Understanding turns me on plus, empathy worn like fine clothing

Can we feel how we feel and stay attentive

Never get too comfortable, maintaining maintenance

Many other choices, voices, but you are chosen

They say we have roles to play

I just want you and me offline

Scripts threw away, what do you want from me spoken directly

Clear intentions

Even when we miss, honorable mention

Those lame experiments were not worthy

Oh but we are, thirsty

For pure, good, tasty, refreshing, passion

Playing with your hair and laughing

What do you expect from poetic blessings

I’ll answer all calls and questions

Same as you

Same as you, chosen.

Good enough, exceedingly

Good enough

More than I prayed for, more than enough

And what do you expect in exchange

The same.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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