Formerly Two

Awake I reach for your hands

Undiscovered presently

I’ve said being alone is fine and it is

Being joined with another soul is pretty flowers in Spring, I want to see it

Yearning to come home and be with you

Prayers casting down wickedness while we walk in truth

So much love to give and we are searching for the same elements

Been asking Heaven for you and you alone.

Blessed is being selected out of the world

Competition without power when we are dedicated

Share my life and feel the same

We’ll cry together, joy and pain

Clench you through personal battles we go through

Tasting your lips until I die

Honored in being by your side and I’ll reside if we abide in love.

Write for us until Earth runs out of paper

Then I’ll continue by writing on our hearts

Furthermore, I’ll write powered holy spirit signs and wonders

Denouncing anything seeking our end

Caring for you like Christ cared and cares for the church

Love you as myself as you’ll be in me and I’ll be in you

Do onto you as I would like done to me

Gently tie holy ribbons around your neck even when you sleep.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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