If You Want Us

*Pause when you want to*

Praying for me and I’m praying for you praying for me and I’m praying for you I feel it when you message

Your sentences do reveal how wonder has been whispering in a gentle voice when you read my words

Feeling the same

Inquiries requested of our creator greater than infatuation patience as we maneuver being careful our hearts are on sleeves so after verifying approval moved in the Holy Ghost indeed we’ll connect

Post poems in great multitude never rude unwrap mysteries while anointed flexible in God truly appointed to be yours on floors seeking wisdom so I can treat you right at all times and if I sin God won’t allow peace to enter mind until I get right with you I’ll repent double time

Waiting for you to shed fear draw near be bold I’ll comfort I’ll hold ask God of my intentions he knows better believe if I’m lying I’ll be exposed gentleman tendencies unfold roll all sevens with you but this isn’t gambling build you up never scrambling I really care got a touch of rambling it’s exciting lover

Never to be replaced by another

If you want us just say so and prove it with works.

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