Seasons & Seasoning & Breathing In

More attention your way

Filled with poems to open sealed doors revealing my submission

Connected behind scenes and I dream of peace for humanity

Pains and fears haunted fierce but I received undeniable answers

Outward still laughable to most yet I’m glad, humble, without reason to boast in any category

This isn’t holier than thou statements, I’m under construction but the drive thru window is available

Can’t stay, adding up unseen treasures and on the way I’ll be cleaned

Savory salt properly seasoned yea tasteful and preparing for proper application

Scoffers and mockers tease and claim better ways impossible

Meanwhile I’ve been sent to heal broken hearts, they draw near with inquires

Your energy felt, my Lord, he gives perception, you don’t believe because of being wronged

You think no one listens or cares, how could he allow a violent violation

Bet you imagine him with a straight face and shrug, uncaring, gazing without concern

I don’t have every answer but know, it wasn’t him and your wrong was evil

Allow healing to begin , rebuke the shadows in this world’s people

Met me so I can sow seeds and watch you grow, reborn, slaying spiritual enemies

If you’re not ready to receive just cry in my arms unharmed and we’ll get stronger

Your favorite spice, seasoned salt wanting to show light.

couple hugging in the middle of flower field
Photo by Flora Westbrook on



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