Crashing Symbols With Glitter Drum Sticks

Cares again.

Your words don’t feel the same, is there something I don’t know

No explanation just static feeling exposed and foolish

Repeating efforts without progress, simple-minded maybe, drooling

She asks what I’m feeling, I digress

Reading my clutter then deciding I’m an evil mess

Frustrated, totally done with most people

Wilderness for forty days and nights visions of a steeple

Tempted to jump ship and trees losing all fight

Whisper to remember worth

Worthy where it matters

I walk alone together with something tremendous

Pride cast down, I don’t deserve anything

About to stop seeking an opportunity to give a wedding ring

Focus on my other life where I belong

Coldplay with it, a song a thousand houses long

Crying but don’t be sorry for my cleansing

Posting poems until God comments in my mentions

Ladies and gentlemen my talent is gentle venting

Mental mailroom stay popping popcorn lines regardless of ears listening

Then cares again

Neck choking cares again.

Zipper for my mouth to make judgment bearable

The red letter inspired talk treatment defeating damnable variables

Chest and left arm hurting under an unknown clock

Uncertainty is certain, never not

Better speak my heart before my heart stops, boy I’m working

I’ll write until my hands break until my fingers pop

Probably write in my blood until my spirit leaves, body flops

So sensitive I should be careful who I love

Being tenderhearted is a gift truly powered from above

Have sincerity kindness and gentleness nightly as we hug

Never have been and never will be a thug

Is such a thing really what this world dreams to be inspired by, ugh

Is it any wonder why cares come fully armed

Dearly beloved, I run into a holy fortress unharmed

Better than bread alone better than lucky charms

Cares again

Then crash.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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