An Empty Rose Bush

photography of red roses
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on

Fear of wilderness

Not an actual place, unforgiving mist smothering a sad face

Without direction or any gifts

Smothered in confusion lights off

Hard truths, weak, rose flower pedal soft

Cut off from any good things formerly understood, unraveled

Slaughtered at the judgement seat without wisdom or mercy to eat

Being hated by humans is heartbreaking, sick

Being hated by your creator is eating razor coated bricks

No chance of redemption at any time

Weeping bitterly but no one cares or hears on your lifeline

Eyes completely open yet light is far refusing requests to shine

Advanced outer darkness violating every hope

No strong drink or fine dope, can help one cope, blessing broken beyond broke

Impossible to loosen or find success defeating a enemy’s approved tightened rope


So fear of the wilderness

Does piss in eyes without warning, in mouth while snoring

Being laughed to scorn by unbelievers is nothing compared to being spit on by Jesus

And I fear my words will get me kicked to the curve

They say life is nothing and then we die earthly wisdom absurd

I’ve seen the opposite in so many eyes

Felt energy and heard things no man has uttered

Boy his blessings keep my daily bread, my toast buttered

Even have my enemies give a proper salute unable to mutter

He returned fire before they even thought to shoot

In a greater voice than Biggie tells them to GIVE ME THE LOOT

However if I fall away, decide to stray, I’ll be unable to see the promise land ,he don’t play

My dream of a world without any violence

My dream of speaking love freely without being silenced

Smothered in confusion lights off

Hard truths, weak, rose flower pedal soft.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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