Corrupt Or Correct Compass

Quiet has come to hold me close

Dizzying breaths swirling within

Every day can’t be favorable I guess

Pressure booming in my chest

How about I just sit today out?

Don’t look to me for perfection

Far from an example this afternoon

Maybe withholding my appearance is best

Mind ran last night stealing any rest

I thought I was walking towards the right way

It’s too quiet and I’m a little weary.

Please don’t be a sin

To sleep this the day away

Far from exhausted

Yet I’ve given much without reinforcements

Refreshments in route

Hope it arrives before questions multiply.

Mirth time has gone

Mourning this morning out in front

Don’t look towards me tonight

Something inside clatters when I blink

Unclean, scrubbing my mind at the kitchen sink

Joy available but at this hour I cannot drink

Ship of hope threatening to plummet right when I need to sail.

Is it all a waste

Is it all for nothing

Am I stupid


Compass a lie

Let me lay down and watch tears fly from eyes to the ceiling

Weeping for more healing.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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