Internal Violence Nights

Am I fighting myself in a mirror or am I under attack

Woke up this morning and couldn’t get my mind to relax

Something is off but finding the source is difficult

Insanity, fiery darts, or maybe I’m somewhere I shouldn’t be

Wounds in me, chasing stability off violently


No one on Earth can help me find my way

Deep silence tearing me up and I’m afraid

Am I fool, drifting into death laughing, confused

Am I dead, unaware how broken I am in the head


Crying out, surely something is wrong inside

Hiding within, thinking I don’t want to speak again

Come now, tell me rhyme and reason hasn’t ran out

Am I fighting God, or am I fighting the enemy’s resolve


Please speak, is it normal to feel crazy, dizzy and dazed within

Reveal, if I’m totally lost or running the good race still

Not my will, yours alone have I been wrestling in the wrong corner in certain things

Can I know before the last bell rings?

close up photography of hand near window
Photo by Renato Mu on

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