Sorry Game In A Split & Metal Needle Armor


Reduced titles

You think I’m defective

Lacking understanding, you better pray

It’s messy in my heart

We were acting our parts

I got stuck

You shook off your label without a problem

I thought I had a winner again

After punching my head filled with disappointment and dread


Actions no remote can skip


When I saw the villain in my mirror

Consequences to my actions became clearer after the fact

Figurative heart attack when my conscious attacked

Backwards, reversed

Now I perceive demons will tell if I don’t first

All because of feelings

Cursed my own breathing

Dealing with loneliness

People lift a glass heart and cast it down with all force

Madness in the mind

Donkey talking to me saying oh you’re gonna get it this time

Smart ass

Nevertheless I learned several lessons

Staying away from human affection speeds healing

Prevent any attention I give unless directed directly above my ceiling

Momentarily stingy

They bend me send me limping in shame

Anyone I care for says sorry driving away laughing loudly

Just another split.


Corner of rain remembrance in this smog

Resistant fog in front

Month ago I’d crawl to a blunt for answers

Only to leave dizzy

Laughing with some of the same people that hit me

Bigger walls under construction

Encrypted communication in my speech

Still playing silly while using my safe for keeps

Mental protection in this role

I promise this time I won’t have to fold

Show my real self they show cold

Loading mental ammunition stalling

Then release my winter via eyes

Silence anticipating verbal goodbyes

Bet, I’m grinding teeth acquiring dye

Painting my face for warfare

The old me died feces smeared on his chest when he cared

Interest in reaching out like hair formerly on my balding head



What are you thinking about after reading this?

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