Temporary Island Lie

Temporary island separation in my mind

Feelings betray and sway hoping to lead astray

What can I believe as my senses aren’t concrete

Though I’ve been crying every day I still feel weak


As nothing


Failures multiplying

And I will never be good enough even if I’m good enough

Cold brutal winds here, blowing all I’ve held on to

Kiss my forehead and speak

These tears I cry arriving armored from my darkest deep.


Say you still love me.

Tell me you watch as I sleep.

Say my tears are collected in your hands.

Reveal what you think of me.


Break me down

Shatter it all

My feet

Don’t work so I fall


Hurricanes and filthy stains

Cracked without remedy

I’m alone in murky depths

Will you leave

Surely I deserve abandonment

Will you leave

A broken fool in troubled open waters?


I don’t deserve your love

Don’t deserve to breathe


Feeling empty

On this island of lies

Where hope may die

Oh, I cry blood, I cry,

Say you still love me.

Tell me you watch as I sleep.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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