Teachers Of Giving Up Love

Prayer, blessing teachers when I learn these heartbreaking lessons

Stay, away, no matter how it feels

Unplug, every connection until I’m clear

How many times can a man look in the mirror saddened by reaching out

Teach me to refuse, anyone, any hand I see

Red splash of ignorance and hurt as I say they are all the same

Teach me

Teach me

To walk away.

Rather get two hours of sleep with God than eight hours of pleasure with the Satan

Praying for discernment surely a woman from Proverbs thirty-one is waiting

Answer no but I’ve been forcing it unsuccessfully right next to me a pile of unusable excuses wrapped in dim muses if I choose losers blame the ignorant accuser who could cease from attempting at all avoiding broken pieces in falls but no he continues to crawl instead of heal homie how much heart will they steal brother cover up and run be done there is none good no not one son you’ve been burned on every occasion mind damaged by many abrasions dumbfounded regarding the art of evasion teach me to look away without a second thought keep my best parts hidden within superior vaults summersault to dodge love arrows and darts break apart but come together after these feelings get lost

How many times can I look in the mirror saying next time will be better?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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