Poets Love Meetup

Park your vehicle here and relax I’ve got much to say

I’ll also hear whatever issues you choose to bring near

Moments like these have daydreams appear with modest rings on our fingers

Thoughts of a lifelong celebration linger washing over us entire body tingles

Watching the sky together laughing while finishing errands can I have more

Honor to share keys to the same doors unity completing chores sweeping then moping floors

Praying over each other in love giving sincere hugs high without drugs

Even when mad we’ll come together and talk seeking peace empty our mugs

God dancing in his seat with angels on heavenly instruments keeping beat

Holy host tapping and stomping feet I’ll tell the whole world no need to be discreet

These are moments I’ve dreamed of before I attempted yeah even dared to speak

They say I’m a fool and will never find a woman like you but right on time it will happen

In bed we’ll make love then talk to God with full sincerity while the world hates dazed by parodies

Arms in arms forever with blessed blessings heavenly.

aerial photo of couple lying on seashore
Photo by Eren Aydınoğlu on Pexels.com


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