Mr Plastic Spoon

Your eyes are the only two I’m pursuing and I feel like a failure today.

Faith, hope, read what I say from inward pleas and groaning.

Where does a lost grain of sand settle in peace without direction?

I’m bare, wanting to curl in a corner, covering my eyes from you.

Lying feelings pleading separation, I’m supposed to come as a little child but I’m frightened you don’t want me anymore.


Say it isn’t true.

Hold me close and renew my trust in your arms.

Be gentle with your words, compassion, and grace, blessed alms.


In the middle of the Uncertainty Sea.

I’ve crashed.

No one can help me.

No one can discern how my lungs are filling up without sympathy.

But you do and can bring me out once again.

Are you tired of rescuing this ignorant and thoughtless man?

Clearly, all evidence fully reflects my flaws in full.

Will you take my case or leave me to fight wolves with a plastic spoon?


Your eyes are the only ones I’m writing for today.

I tried to pray, weakened voice fell short then I slumped within sadness.

Holy Spirit please convey what I’m feeling.

Prayed but felt unworthy to look at the ceiling.

Jesus, please intercede, my mind feels stripped today.

2 thoughts on “Mr Plastic Spoon

    1. I thank you for reading it and I’m delighted you enjoyed it.

      I’ll take your compliment and say I thank you, sir. Much love to you and yours, always.

      Liked by 1 person

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