Humble Introduction Page

Took off without waiting because I thought I knew better

Looked around and found isolation because I wouldn’t follow instructions

Had an attitude something close to rude with pride stirring me on

Head high and chest out until I stumbled surrounded by doubt

Repentance, I apologize for stomping around

Pretending I had answers only to find my hands bound

Repentance, I didn’t trust what I was told so then my faith went iceberg cold

I apologize and submit myself again

On my knees slow to speak, quick in listening

The enemy laughed out loud hoping I wouldn’t come to you

Whispered in my voice how prayer is dumb and laying down in sin could be so much fun

Had me looking up with the side of my eyes thinking boy I’ll do this myself why ask for help goodbye

My power isn’t enough the flesh is way too tough and I can’t swing enough to fight back

Thank God for his mercy and grace and he’ll take my case if I’m humble and obedient

Learn more of his holy spiritual ways transformation taking place every day

Work in me to both will and do of your good pleasure fully powered by your powerful Son and Spirit beyond measure

Here my joyful praise once again I’m amazed by how you bring us back to you

I’ll draw close and we’ll be closer

Your grace and mercy, perfect execution, perfect author.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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