What Good Will It Do For Me

Some say

It’s a waste of time

To get on one knee and say a few lines.

Well I understand

Been then before


Knock knock knocking upon Heaven’s door.

But too many

Too many people have prayed

For my foolishness to end and for me to be saved.

I’m ashamed

Of things I did

Demons almost convinced me not to live.

Went through bottles

Almost died at work

Almost jumped in a busy street

Swallowed bleach and it hurt.

So much more I could tell

Let’s just say Satan really wants me to go to Hell.

Some believe and some don’t

Arguments until we’ve lost the point

Now there’s something about speaking to God

That saves people even those at odds.

Hey I used to laugh when people would promise to pray for me

I’d giggle in pride mixed with ignorance asking what good would it do

Here we are years down the line

And I’m storing treasures in Heaven for the second time.

I don’t care what anyone says

Laugh away

I’ll continue to pray.

If you knew how much Jesus cares

You wouldn’t be letting enemy voices say oh come now what good will it do.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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