Giggles And Freestyle Poetry Flirting

They’re busy

We’re not

Drive and arms prop

Meet you in a local parking lot

Daydreaming for inaccessible people hurts

We should stop then you and I flirt

Tomorrow is far

They make promises causing figurative scars

Unable or unwilling

Whereas we make time for relationship building

Gift giving and chilling

Especially because it’s so hot

Already heated up seems nonstop

If I pick up conversation you won’t let it drop

Secure our affection sturdy lock

Games can be left

Keep every single one to yourself

WWE searching for relationship tag-team belts

I have more how much can you store

Dancing with you behind private doors

Giving gas to my love pedal hitting floor

Oh am I too corny elegance revealed

After I’m sure you’re interested in mutual deals

My love upon and inside tightly sealed

Come test and decide if my talk is real

Gentleman behavior

Won’t disrespect you myself or our Savior

Smiles from the neighbors

Haven’t seen me this happy in all my labor.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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