I Rather Run Than Trust

A perfect room made just for me

And my favorite meal prepared

But I rather run away than be vulnerable

Why make me come in my shortcomings

Promising to take me as I am

Knowing how hard it is for me to trust

And do what I ask loved ones and the woman I’m searching for to do to me

Everything feels unstable

You’ve never hurt me but I’m shaking towards death thinking of sitting at your table

But what if I look like a fool

But what if I am a fool?

Happily a fool for you than a wise man for the opposition

Willing to live in the wilderness afraid of believing your promises, no

Bid me come and I’m fighting the urge to run

The table is prepared and you’re waiting

Still I feel like I’m unworthy

And you still say, come.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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