Plastic Wrap Over The Sink

I can’t trust what I feel

Still in the Matrix

Let me believe I’m fighting against the system they lie saying I’m still in the system thinking of being a hero Smashing Pumpkins with the zero nice try Neo

How many barricades to defeat these demons fully equipped lawyers with legal grounds I can’t see them freedom appears to be fleeting but I’m swinging something sharper than a two-edged sword with one accord in the spirit yes Lord and truly they’re afraid of faith from my vocal chords

I write filling chapters of an upcoming publication without a single hesitation although lies wait until I’m weak to blurt out falsehoods misconceptions promoting misconduct white rabbit foot luck stuck in being useless

Senses lie and people lie and feelings lie hopes are born hopes do die to disappear without meaning or no reasoning regarding why by unseen influences undetectable to naked eyes wasting strength straining to obtain a letter of intention always carried away

What can be trusted on Earth?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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