Erase Companionship

Place this bookmark away

Shouldn’t hold onto certain ideas

Such as counting on anyone outside home’s doors

Lip service abounds and disappointment in glittering words


Hope will get me to change

It will teach me to not place my trust in air, warn me that I’m alone as long as I remain

Yeah I’m under the sun sometimes but don’t forget the rain, grows flowers it’s pain that makes me prepared in my brain

Against trusting too much in anyone


Barriers help keep a safe distance, contact isn’t as important as keeping my heart safe

I forget and try anyway then get reminded of hiding my face, companionship is a desire sometimes I wish erased

Leaves a bitter taste, tears easily traced, scars within, I don’t want to be done in by reaching out for someone to hold


Stop asking for hands to hold, realize being cold isn’t so cold

Buying more blankets if it is, look away hiding love I wanted to give

It’s just easier than suffering.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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