Adrift Drifting

Dare I daydream,

Let them be of good things,

Prosperity and peace,

Accepted at the judgment seat.


If I look away,

Let it be drifting off in faith,

Still with my eyes above,

Hoping for something pure and unseen,

And maybe it’ll be loving arms,

Perhaps it’ll be a brighter future,

Without complaint of where I am,

Gratitude yes sir and yes ma’am.


Dare I daydream,

Thinking about being approved by Heaven,

Fancy I daydream,

About a woman dedicated, who I dedicated my life to.


A little peak,

Into hopes I have drawn in my mind,


Gazing at why I want them close,

Let them be among good thoughts,

Don’t need negativity smothering light.


What could be born of belief?

Can I entertain a vision of harmony?

Better than looking into my circumstances’ eyes, captured.

Surely better than hearing gloom and doom from airwaves.

Or from a voice exactly like mine.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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