When You Need To Cry I Am Here

I’m not ashamed to cry with you

Pray with you, be silent with you

Hold you and catch tears

Use my shirt as a tissue

Our sorrow will be turned into joy

I laugh a lot

Today we mourn for a better spot

Closer even more

We’re searching harder than ever.

I’m not ashamed to cry with you

Looking into your eyes because I do care

I don’t know anything about you but you’re hurting

I can feel through my screen

I can feel it through your words

And if we empty our pain instead of saving it

There will be more space for greatness

Let us breathe

I’m willing to sit with you through this.

I know, sometimes we just need someone to hold us up while we try to stand. I’ll pour out my heart with yours and I won’t hold it against you.

You and I, you and I need to believe we’re loved. We’ve been told, we’re worthless so many times in so many ways. We believed it. Now, we must cast it down.

Crying isn’t a weakness friend. I’ve been able to survive the whispers, accusations, condemnation, bullying, and hurt, by letting tears go. They’ll come, we must let them go.

And stop rushing. Take a moment for yourself. You are worthy of a moment of peace, even more. Much more. I’ll cry with you. Even behind our screens. Poems. Messages. Prayers.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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