Pouring Drinks Seven Times

Heard standby, allow certain things into position.

Gonna be used, write on according to this mission.

Oh you’ve been underneath leaves, branches, and other things in the field.

It’ll be like a brand new day with a brighter sun once I’ve begun.

Moving people and pieces behind the scenes so hold on.

It may seem too late but you better believe I’m always on time.



I’ll fill you up again.



So many are thirsty for someone to say what they can’t.


Maybe someone is looking over their shoulders.

Somewhere someone has a hard time expressing themselves.

I’ll use you to ignite a fire they’ve been dreaming and praying for.

In a different country someone is crying without any caring responses given.

In your current state down the road someone will finally understand their worth.

Now pour


I’ll fill you up again

When you’re empty

Rest in me

When they are thirsty

You’ll speak again

Do you trust me

If so I’ll fill you up again.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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