Sunday On Saturday Feel

Breakfast with God and birds

Pondering Holy walking instead of vain puffed up taking

Renewing my mind within these times I’ve been born for

Yeah I worship knees down no matter the material composing floors

Instead of dwelling on what I think I’m missing like a faithful love to hug slow kissing

Rather concentrate my focus on the heavenly kingdom of the King of Kings

My lyrics bring forth angels rocking out banging heads Holy Spirit approval enough said no condemnation

Boy I was sleeping now I’m dancing before the Lord even laying in bed without dread

Yeah provisions from above receiving daily bread write a new song in twenty minutes with joy

Breakdance snapping fingers joyful sounds grace and mercy applied to my life and I’ll enjoy

Sir I’ll be humble on your praise team as I’m transformed into a new being seeing meanings formerly scrambled signals clean anointed head that afro sheen

In Jesus Christ the real mystery machine every day a new perspective on the scene skies have never looked better

Bathing yeah washing in every word yeah especially red letters

Holding my robe I’ll dance with David we can write poems all day all night within God’s playlists on repeat pleasing before his sight

Can’t stare at the sun but the Son is evermore bright and ask him if you’re unsure if I’m right his love will wrap you tight.

Foolishness to some

And I too used to run

Like where is help

Said I’d do it all by myself


Ended up on the wrong side

After hours without hope or a ride

Darkness felt opposite of right

Entirely exhausted void of strength and sight

Bright light in the distance

Who or what could be

Is this luck maybe


Voice said what do you have to lose

Instead of suicide hear some good news

Skeptical but I started reading

Darkness receded stopped bleeding out

Walked with my head up

First time in years

Crying reading the Bible cleansed by tears

If today you hear his voice

Baptized in a Pentecostal church

Never been the same as I’m dead

Life in God hidden in Christ spirit led


That gently voice

What do you have to lose

Your efforts aren’t working

What do you have to lose

Map incorrect

Transportation faulty

What do you really have?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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