Written Prayer In Your Mailbox

Please don’t laugh but even if you do,

I’m going to write and pray a prayer for you,

Sometimes you believe but then look away,

Going through hard times your smiles refuse to stay,

Even if you laugh and leave the room,

I’m gonna write my prayer out and leave a copy in you mailbox,

So when it comes to pass and your tears rush to drop,

You’ll know it’s not so lonely under this sky.


I am just a simple man,

According to the world I belong in a trash can,

But my heart strings get pulled,

And I see you trying yet feel unheard and misunderstood,

Oh Lord I pray you walk with them everywhere they go,

Waiting for the moment they’ll come to you to know,

All the marvelous ways you love us dearly,

How just in time you died for the ungodly,

And I don’t have any funds or fancy things,

Still I can pray for those unsure of the want to live,

Send a copy to their mailboxes,

At the moment their eyes open so they’ll know it was you,

Guiding them towards your love please help them love anew.


Will you reach out and ask if he’ll bid you to walk on the water during your troubled time?

I’ll pray for you beloved to try and see if he loves you, heal your troubled mind.

I don’t even know you but I’m crying in my prayer for you to find God’s peace.

It’s not too late, it is not too late.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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