The Pretty Empty Point

Strange lights so I came to see the hype in case value was within

An unknown circle and boy I liked the way neon lights swirled freely

Cliche finds and worldly lines delivered on sound unsound comedic time

Sensual deliveries with bodies barely clothed my eyes didn’t need to see

Previously I would indulge curiosity as I too felt lonely

Something changed and I can’t pretend I’m amused it’s just too strange


The pretty empty



Taking that which I had

What’s the point

Vacuum symbols and lines

Leaving me worse off than when I arrived


Grabbed my arms when I started walking away

Saying don’t you want to look at this or hear circles until you cannot resist

Oh we know what can turn you off and on bringing repeat business

If you walk away be ashamed there’s plenty to do yeah so many games

Just look at these bodies so you’ll forget how to be content

Swim in our slick speech become perverse asking us to get bent

Is it not lonely waiting for the right place time and soul

Come into us now we’ll help fill every whole behaving doesn’t address.


Once you see what we have

You’ll be captivated oh yeah

Once you lay down why resist

The pretty empty points will persist,

I’ll pass

Distractions designed to last until my deathbed calls

Super sweet for a season

Then I’ll look into a mirror void of reason

Leaving me worse off than when I arrived.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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