Purge Preparation

What do we do when it’s illegal to breathe

Work and obedience in torture is your job they say

They swear to know how humans should live but don’t dare do the very things they make you do

It’s spreading under every radar

What do we do when our lives are inconvenient to the suits without purpose

They want you to feel hopeless enough for another hit

Make just enough for another sack of drugs real-life missed

Prescribe another dependence

Strip therapy because getting better isn’t a profitable business.


Oh, it won’t happen here

We’re so much better than everyone else

Yeah, it will never be here

Our suits care for us, they swear.


Trust, on the authority

Of leaders, prepared to flee

Underground, when you wake

Gotta take your weapons now

You’ll submit to false logic it’s a piece of cake

Have another slice and hollow-point bullet too

Watch people you trust, turn you in

Convinced it’ll save their skin.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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