Secular Formula Milk

Boring man

Entertain us with sin

Material things get you in

To our hearts fast



Anything sinful

We nod in approval

Covetous so jealous


Longing for

The same lifestyle

Hot hot balloon women eyes

Exposed thighs while smiling




Houses we can’t afford

Several miles


Repeat it all in stereo

Threaten people lives so

They’ll know we’re invincible

I mean you’re invincible


Say the same script over different similar instrumentals

It’s a hit in multiple ways and you’ll bite the bait requesting it to be laid in your head

Spirituality dead


Boring man tell us about your genitals

Tell us about how all women are trash

Sing a song about being excellent so outstanding

One track to only God can judge you

Next track gunshots go bang

We’ll buy it up

It’s just entertainment for the world


What are you thinking about after reading this?

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