Mr. Sand

Blaming me but chances came and were dismissed

Don’t raise your fists to the sky we’re too blessed for this

And nothing waits for us to come around except Almighty God

Try to rebuke a clock it won’t stop no the hands will not drop

Change is scary so we retreated now certain feelings deleted

My patience for our relationship fully depleted

I was in my room crying thinking my role was the villain

But who left a couple of times feeling free my heart chilled then.

Now I’m supposed to say the next time should be on me

Too many other true hearts waiting


Finished contemplating and I don’t feel bad walking to the light

Gained wisdom understanding and sight potent insight

Stopped praying for us there is no us never was because

It shouldn’t have been so easy to go and stay apart at all

See how the castle I built for our love looks fallen yes a great fall.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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