Hello Allison

In boldness, did an appearing smile arrive from you placed well with intent, a well-dressed table friends dine from?

Stirring butterflies and roses, birds caught singing happiness in blessed courageous poses appreciating our father’s gifts every day.


Carefully inspecting our replies, dancing slowly focusing on our eyes, is this the beginning of until death we part, we can’t stop smiling and God watches our hearts dance.


Dimming emotion temporarily while praying for guidance let us hold logic’s hands, sparks fly and fascinate but will our love stand on the chosen rock?

Left saying rush, right saying wait, middle wanting a secure foundation either way and we’re so close to finding a real help meet these days.


Others have come, left and are gone, I hope you don’t join them oh no will we be old in pictures above a fireplace, sipping hot chocolate wandering through our history?


Did a smile float to me as you’ve discovered sincerity firm and sweet beneath my active words, a tree growing by God into something elegant as only his love can make it so?

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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