Liar Loneliness In Concert In Our Heads

Damages, mistakes. They take up megaphones to exaggerate their impact and importance. If we are not careful, it becomes normal and counterproductive to life. Like playing a sad song on repeat when you want to stop thinking about how much you hurt but the lyrics are sick, holding your arms every time you say it is enough.

So this poem, it’s dark but not as twisted as depression and its spokespersons. One such spokesperson I know from depression is Liar Loneliness. He likes to sing it in the person’s voice at the most inconvenient time, as if there is such a thing as a good time to feel inadequate.

Don’t be upset if you relate to this, there’s a reason why it is effective in stopping lives. Just try to understand the attack, the tricks, and pay attention to yourself when it shows up again. Treating you like your coffin is already made and you just need to lay in it. It is a liar.

Restrain all hands, because you’ll find out there are none qualified to be safe.

I’m the only one, willing to look directly into your eyes now.

Blink twice, I’m still there smiling while judging you anew, coat of guilt, fresh.

Run over to towns, cities, I’ll come keep you company, reminding you there is no point to this circle because where can you run from yourself?

Aha, aha, such empty tears, all air, let’s talk about how your life is my Darkness Fair.

Needing you to, fall in love with your circumstances dear, become a fortune-teller.

Self-prophecy, say every day will be exactly the same and you KNOW nothing will ever change.

That’s it, a little lower into the pit to breathe defeat’s sulfur entrance awaiting my net’s next meal.

Place your headphones on tighter and listen to me, me alone.

I sound like you, commentary that buries all you do, even when you rest I’m doing my best as an undertaker properly dressed, tugging your feet.

Tripping your steps, every step forward I ask are you sure going back two isn’t best?

When other people say good things about you, to you, there is doubt.

Yet you believe me without question, you believe my distorted false positive truth.

Perfectly spoken in your tones, this is how you accept it without a challenge.

Sprinkle a little out of context life event here, some coincidence with a pinch of truth on top.

Man your head sways to the rhythm, it sways and longs for more releases.

From your admirer, Mister Liar Loneliness, happy to wrap my microphone wire around your throat.

Daring you to speak into the mic but alas, life is leaving you with every chorus.

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