Sneaking Oil

Stopwatch hours

And we write spiritual towers

Look out

Come in

Before they break all pens

And every hour

Another condensed epistle

Before libraries burn

Don’t wait to read

Don’t say later

Who promised you later

Burning late-night oil

So you’ll see this at another time

Ain’t for me it’s for the family

Too comfortable here

Guillotine and swords draw near

Remember our true home

While we are detested told we don’t belong

Brothers and sisters dying overseas

Executed if caught asking God to help them believe

Saints everywhere needing prayer

And the good news of the good news

Satan under Jesus’ feet bruised

And maybe a poem will infuse bravery

They may get the body but the mind and spirit rebukes slavery

Our Lord and King will come with a victory lap

And his enemies will be in everlasting darkness.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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