Do you believe God is cursing you out?

Do you believe he saved you to be his punching bag?

Do you think, he drops his children off in the middle of the ocean?

Do you think he’ll laugh at those tormented in Hell?


Do you think he twists your mind and licks your ears whispering sins to remind you of shortcomings?

Do you think he urinates on your efforts screaming try harder next time and smiles?


Who would want you to believe such blasphemy?

Who wants you to question God’s Holy character?

Who needs a pinch of doubt, a pinch of fear on top?

Who needs you to look away to a false alternative?

Who needs you to think God hates you?


Just a little leaven.

Just a little taste from the wrong kettle.

Just a little nibble of the wrong pie.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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