Regret’s Ride / Pride Spits At Time

Both of us, hoping we’re good enough for both of us

We should talk, instead we hide in separate corners

Is it any good to run

Is it beneficial to hold our lips as prisoners

Has silence improved our standing

God with facepalms, whispering wake up

Guess we’re waiting for old age

Standing by at regret’s bus stop.


Will our stand, stand wise after all?

I showed you but what now?

You showed me but there’s nothing left.

Who will win?

I already know the winner.



Spitting on time like we know there’s plenty.

No hurry as we waste it shamefully.

Teaching lessons, irrelevant, when someone comes.

Lessons that won’t matter when someone else keeps us warm.

Ha, ha, we lose.

Perfect plan.


Bitterness blowing smoke into perception’s eyes

What is revenge but an uncontrolled fire in our home

Both parties refusing to use an extinguisher

This isn’t what I love you to death is supposed to mean.

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