Glossy Playing Cards

Payment for unbelief is nothing

Completely free in walking away

And if I lived life only on what I can see

There is not much

Toys, lust, lush stuff, temporary fluff

Gone as soon as my hand picks them up

Free to say this is all a waste of time

Even my mind

Even my tries

Oh dirt is where I came from

Rushing back to dirt seems fine.


Just a mix of unstable chemicals hitting the lottery

Reason speechless, life will slaughter me

Pretty brave to throw my cards down

Convinced playing isn’t worth a while

Pack up my suitcase and walk into an ocean

Arms refusing to move no commotion

Don’t even try screaming, I tried too much already

Maybe I’m one short

Maybe I’m twenty thousand short

Think I’ll stick around and try.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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