A Table Before Him

Suitcases with duffle bags I’m bringing my luggage to you

Choir birds you send every morning singing of your love so I’ll remember who we all belong to

Sanctification running in the background as a quiet process

Whenever I get closer to you weight drops unrest becomes quiet additional sunshine shines through and I see.


You really love me beyond what I understand

God, you love this simple and plain man

I tried to win your love and failed everytime

You give mercy and grace because you’re kind, not by worth.


I scream, why do you love me

You whisper because you do

But I was an enemy

Made fun of your name and your kingdom

Mocked anyone praying for me

And you say yes, but you want my love now

Come on, come close to me

Come home.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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