Critical Care Condition

The eleventh hour, you come,

But it’s too late, too late.

This could be my last hour,

Last day.

Rushing won’t turn back any clock.


Why do you want to stand close as I’m fading?

Didn’t have the time, stood against waiting.

Now that you’ve found out I’m sick and dying, don’t start trying.

You’ll just be looking forward to going back to what you’ve left.


Knew it for a while but I didn’t tell anyone,

Special treatment isn’t a good thing at all.

Show me how you really feel,

Don’t submit anything late after the casket is sealed.


We’re supposed to live like every day is the last,

The day we look away loved ones seem to be snatched.

Oh honey it’s human and I’ve done the same,

It just hurts a little bit more when the tombstone is in our names.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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