Voyage Planning

Packed, only one person can go, only one accounted for.

As much as I want to put our tickets together, it’s impossible.

Rules and compliance on a personal scale, separately weighed in.

Can’t drag anyone, rude and disrespectful plus, they must come on their own.

Please come home with me. Please choose to believe. Get serious before something serious comes.

We will want to be inside, don’t wait until you want to hide.

Believing after chances die, asking for passage but transportation gone by.

Inattentive, mocking with smug laughter bye-bye.

Don’t make me watch you shrink on the decaying shore, eggs in your basket sure, unsecured.

Double-check. Make sure you’re correct. Take time and reflect. Don’t stiffen your neck.

This isn’t about me, well maybe a little.

Don’t want any to miss, dismissing how significant our days are, I’ll do it tomorrow is an untrustworthy bar.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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