Muck Rot

Silent raindrops won’t tell where they’ve been

Let’s hide and never speak again

Under unturned rocks, we watch our lives play out until the end

Unknown by many, totally under water as we swim full grins

Have the mighty for heroes humans called zeros for wins

Under every surface fulfilling purpose once was nervous now, we don’t care.

The uncooked french fry in the whole bunch

Missed opportunity missed hole punch

Daily special hated and unwanted at lunch

That’s how this growth can feel

But nothing I’ve measured myself against is real

We’ve beaten our self-esteem to pieces unsafe to recover by our own hands

They say it’s annoying when I pray

I’m trying to earn a worthy grave instead of giving up without a fight

Bite deceptive hands don’t feed me anymore

Lights I longed for all lies

Popularity for the proudest zombies proud to die

Erase pride, erase my name.

This isn’t our dungeon it is our workshop

So what if we all flop, we didn’t stand still

Frozen by fear, ashamed of being passed over.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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