Telling Tera Good News

Ask why I chase life, death met me angrily intentions held firm knives in the night, my neck felt tight, wasn’t labeled among popular or bright, still selected by the Father of lights,

Do I have all your answers, uh no, all I know is when I walk alone it’s an advanced darkness zone, flesh spitting solutions each wrong, bongs and alcohol made my eyes numb, couldn’t see where my depression was coming from,

Responsibility was a thin line, victimhood was the main sign, wasn’t my fault nope not mine, blame television, radio, or mankind, never change blame it all on them,

Others agreed, then razors helped me bleed for punishment, looking at the future like a death sentence, death note in the hands of enemies, feeling helpless suicide offered rescue, almost terminated current days now I breathe.

When I heard try to try I didn’t ask why knew I didn’t want to die, wanted relief, many voices pointing to damnation with a smile curse anyone with questions why, challenging stops the flow, emotional attacks without critical thinking skills direct blows,

Satan knows this, give ninety percent sugar with a sinful death lying twist mix, God was speaking but I saw pretty lights, do as thou wilt every night until the temporary is shook, rather have my name in a different book,

Hooks unnecessary, God I’ll raise my voice gladly voluntarily believing your promises, Jesus is my righteousness, you can save a zero like me surely I can love thee and the Almighty hears every plea, I’m taking walks in a turbulent sea,

Gates and doors unlocked, carefully planting God will not be mocked, checking my lantern it’s getting stocked, firing writings from the hip as I hop, old ways disgusting habits dropped, accusations from the accuser flop, scriptures meditated on daily pop, Jesus Christ the rock.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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