Blackout Curtain Questions

When I felt alone, fake comfort would call,

Wrapped in a cigar, inside a bottle,

Served on a plate, programming through eyes,

Never any answers, just ways to lose time without productive thoughts.


I’d say I’m scared and don’t trust you care,

I’m being immature but oh well I’m very scared,

Hope won’t stick to these walls but shame, shame stays glued.


When I feel alone, I’ll ask if anything done by my hands matter,

I’ll ask if my hourglass is almost up,

My conscious will say I’m very foolish,

Maybe I’ve missed every chance and there are killers on the way to cleanse my life from Earth,

And silence means there’s nothing I can do but pray for mercy while living in fear.


See, I still don’t get it,

Still don’t know you,

Should by now,

Scared I’ll die as a coward.


Will I listen to lies with tattooed letters spelling control on its giant noodle arms whispering threats to me, a conqueror?

Will I allow my senses to scare me from every blessing choking boldness to death but I don’t have a spirit of fear oh dear, I better cast my cares on Jesus.

Here it’s darker than I imagined.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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