A Fool At The Hospital

Empty discipline won’t work.

I need, that into my ears when I’m weak reminder of payment.

Freedom on layaway.

Denial, restraint, restriction, longing for my hands to stay still.



Then crumble when the bills arrive.


Pay in full to foolishness, the company owed name Regret Inc.

Live good now but die tomorrow.

As these crucial nerves fail, as these essential circuits cease, as throbbing pain multiplies, as significance weeps, I’m scared I’ve wasted time.

I cry out to God. What can I say I’ve been sowing foolishness for a long time? God, help me I’m imperfect almost persuaded you’re indifferent in this.

It was my empty discipline. Bad behavior. Mocking what I was told. Now a close death has taken hold.


Have mercy on a fool.

Have mercy on a extra foolish fool.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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