You’re always looking for my voice, but I don’t feel relevant words come through.

Some say I shouldn’t judge anything, can I understand God’s ways which are not my ways, true, true.

Father, I’ve been calling with a lack of respect living without trust in you on my neck. Ashamed.


Silence in the background, unsure standing up or sitting down, some days it seems like I’m a waste permanently stalled, phone rings but it’s never answered never properly equipped for the call,

Slack in every minute that I lose, same news, not even worthy of the blues how can I ever bring forth fruit chasing Jesus halfway, trivial pursuit during fleeting nights abruptly ended days,

Deep hugs and conversation requested yet it feels like maybe all requests are rejected now these feelings can’t be trusted at all, without a sense of direction I lean scared upon walls pondering darkness and light,

Can’t be sunny every day or rain forever Payable On Death said it right, so onwards may my prayers take flight, runway in Lord and our Father’s ears, please forgive our errors make everything clear.

What are you thinking about after reading this?

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